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My Role At Baker Tilly Central Africa!

Oct 01, 2023 design , Video
My Role At Baker Tilly Central Africa!

As a mid-level graphic designer at Baker Tilly Central Africa, I was entrusted with the responsibility of providing remote design support to the regional offices in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including partners, marketing, sales, IT, and quality assurance, to ensure that all creative deliverables aligned with the brand standards and marketing objectives of Baker Tilly International.

Baker Tilly Central Africa Work

Thriving in a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment, I excelled at managing multiple projects simultaneously, prioritizing tasks, and meeting tight deadlines. I took pride in conceptualizing and designing visually impactful booklets for all offices, such as tax reports, new service offerings, and other digitally published long-form information, all while adhering to the Baker Tilly International brand guidelines.

My expertise lay in utilizing design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Canva, PowerPoint, and Figma to create high-quality, visually compelling designs for various print and digital marketing materials. This included brochures, flyers, presentations, social media graphics, and website assets, enabling effective communication of key messages to target audiences.

Baker Tilly Central Africa Social Media Work

In addition to my design role, I provided valuable insights as an SEO advisor, contributing to optimising the sales funnel and revitalising the monthly company newsletter. Through these efforts, I successfully increased website traffic and improved conversion rates. I actively participated in team meetings and brainstorming sessions, contributing ideas and feedback to enhance overall creative quality and achieve sales targets.

With my strong design skills, up-to-date knowledge of industry trends, and a focus on marketing objectives, I was well-equipped to make a positive impact as a marketing manager. I was committed to utilizing my expertise to drive brand growth, engage target audiences, and deliver exceptional results for Baker Tilly Central Africa.

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