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Building a website in one week!

May 16, 2024 Freelance , Design , Creative Designer , Wordpress
Building a website in one week!

Ever faced a project with a seemingly impossible deadline? That’s what happened when Unarchived Living Cultures, a project dedicated to capturing and amplifying the rich stories of marginalized communities in Zimbabwe, urgently reached out for a website.

The Tight Deadline and Broken Trust

The pressure was on from the start. Unarchived Living Cultures had just a week to pitch their new website to potential donors. This tight deadline stemmed from a previous bad experience. Their last developer had taken a deposit and vanished, leaving them with a financial hole and no website. Understandably, this situation made them skeptical about working with another remote developer.

A Digital Gallery for Zimbabwean Voices

They needed a vibrant online platform – a digital gallery showcasing diverse narratives from Zimbabwean communities: long-form text, images, videos, podcasts, and even documentaries. This platform would be crucial for their upcoming donor pitch.
Gallery Screenshot

Building Trust and Delivering Results

My job wasn’t just about building a website; it was about rebuilding trust. I provided social proof and reassurance that I was the right person for the job. And deliver I did!

Collaboration is Key

The key to tackling this challenge? Collaboration. With a one-week turnaround, clear communication and constant client involvement were paramount. We set up daily 15-minute calls to ensure seamless feedback. To prioritize functionality within the tight deadline, we focused on building a robust gallery foundation before diving into content integration. This agile approach not only met the launch deadline but also laid the groundwork for smooth content addition after launch.

Beyond Technical Expertise

But this project went beyond the technical aspects of website development. Recognizing Unarchived Living Cultures’ passionate mission of storytelling, I actively listened to their narrative-gathering sessions, where they discussed the unique voices and traditions they were preserving. These insights became invaluable in shaping the website’s design and storytelling features. The final platform resonated deeply with their unique mission, creating a welcoming space for these diverse Zimbabwean narratives.

Building the Digital Canvas

To effectively showcase the project’s rich and varied content, I experimented with various gallery plugins. Ultimately, a combination of Elementor carousels and sliders emerged as the perfect solution. This combination offered the necessary flexibility and visual appeal to create a captivating user experience for anyone exploring the stories of Zimbabwean communities. An added benefit? This solution proved adaptable, serving as a reusable blueprint for future gallery-centric websites.

Organic Growth

The launch of the website was a resounding success, exceeding even the client’s expectations. Without any dedicated marketing efforts, the website attracted over 200 weekly visitors through organic SEO. This demonstrates the power of a captivating online presence in drawing in a dedicated audience interested in Zimbabwean history and culture.

A Lasting Impact

This project transcended the boundaries of typical website development. It became a testament to the power of collaboration, active listening, and adapting to unique client needs. By prioritizing storytelling and focusing on functionality, I delivered a platform that amplifies marginalized voices from Zimbabwe and helps preserve crucial community narratives.

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