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My Role At Zimbabwe Badge & Medal!

Aug 08, 2020 Video , Music
My Role At Zimbabwe Badge & Medal!

During my tenure as a creative designer at ZBM, the leading badge and medal manufacturer in Zimbabwe with over 45 years of experience, I had the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of the company’s marketing efforts. From designing captivating marketing materials to exploring innovative production techniques, my role encompassed a range of responsibilities.

As part of the ZBM team, I was responsible for creating visually appealing marketing materials that effectively showcased the company’s products and services. From preparing artwork for doming, laser manufacturing, vinyl and UV printing, CNC machining, and tool making, I played a vital role in ensuring the presentation of ZBM’s offerings was visually striking and aligned with their brand identity. I also took the initiative to introduce an online invoicing system, enhancing job management and minimizing losses by accurately billing based on labour costs, job time, and material expenses.

Collaborating directly with company directors, I not only contributed to the design aspects but also participated in conflict resolution sessions, competitor analysis reporting, and staff training. Additionally, I engaged in video content creation for social media, troubleshooting laser equipment, and routine maintenance, demonstrating my versatility and commitment to supporting the overall success of ZBM.

Through my experience at ZBM, I gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the manufacturing industry and honed my creative skills in a dynamic and demanding environment. My contributions were focused on enhancing the company’s marketing efforts and driving its growth. With a deep understanding of the design process, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for innovative marketing strategies, I am well-prepared to bring my expertise to new challenges.