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My Chaos is Your Creative Advantage!

Apr 04, 2024 design , Video
My Chaos is Your Creative Advantage!

Let’s face it, fitting neatly into a single design box? Not exactly my strong suit. Why? Because honestly, I have no clue what kind of designer I am anymore. My first official graphic design project (2014 – let’s just say it’s aged… gracefully? Lol I definetly had more confidence than skill) opened the door to a wild ride.

Since then, I’ve been everything from your friendly neighborhood graphic designer to a social media “rockstar”, wielding Facebook ads like they’re my secret weapon. Content creation? Yep. Photography? Check. Even dabbled in animation and video editing to keep things spicy. But wait, there’s more! Creative team leader? Been there, done that. Studio manager? Piece of cake!

Here’s the thing: these weren’t planned career moves, they were just… roles I ended up rocking after signing on for “graphic designer.” But hey, the plot thickens! My skillset extends far beyond the design realm. Accounting? Sure, why not? Sales? Let’s do it! Event planning? Totally crushed it (and the dance floor at the afterparty).

The Deep Dive (Because Apparently I Like to Dive Deep)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re talking CNC drawing, laser operation (pew pew!), materials design – basically, I can turn an idea into a tangible reality. Fashion design? Why not add a sprinkle of that in there too? Oh, and did I mention I hosted training sessions on digital marketing and branding? Because apparently, sharing the knowledge is something I do.

Website development? Easy peasy. Chatbots? Built them. E-commerce? Yep. Junior software engineer for a glorious two months? Don’t mind if I do. SEO consultant? Let’s boost those rankings! This doesn’t even include the sound production, voice-over work, and the occasional acting stint in an ad (gotta keep things interesting!).

The Resume Struggle is Real

So, the big question is: how do you cram all this glorious chaos onto a single piece of paper called a CV? It’s a head-scratcher, for sure. But fear not, dear reader, because writing is therapeutic (and hey, maybe I’ll publish some of these wild design adventures someday).

The Elephant In The Corner, Finally

Look, the point is this: I may not have a fancy title that neatly defines my “designer type,” but that doesn’t mean I’m not valuable. I’m a quick learner, a problem-solving machine, and a master of wearing many hats (sometimes all at once!).

To Employers: Embrace the Multifaceted

When you fixate on a specific skill or experience, you might be missing out on a gem – a well-rounded creative who can bring a whole lot more to the table. Don’t get me wrong, subject matter expertise is awesome, but there’s something to be said for fluidity and adaptability.

I’ve worn all these hats, and guess what? I enjoyed the ride. Who knows what wild design adventures await? Bring it on!

*Anyone else out there a creative chameleon?